How to obtain a fear of the beginning of a colleague at

Last Update 23 August 2016

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If you’re just starting college, and you’re afraid of it, you’re not alone …

And, fortunately, you can do much to alleviate some of these concerns. In today’s article we will look at three specific methods …

To begin with, a quote from the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs, which I like from time to time:

“All around you, what you call life, were made by people who were not smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.”

I think this quote is insightful in general, but now you have to pay special attention to.

Steve is talking about one of the basic truths of life-that all the rules and systems to which we live were simply made.

None of us know where we’re going. We use models, best practices, and advice to hope that we are in the right direction, and we do a lot of educated guesses. Still, we’re never sure …If you need more evidence, take a look at the results.

  • ” Most of the students.
  • These statistics, however, cover the fact that this is a common problem. You’re not alone in this …

    From this point of view, what can you do to get those fears? Here are three ideas …

    Again, no one knows what they’re doing. No one can understand what’s going on in a clear detail …

    So the game should be easy.

  • Make your plans according to their teachings and experience.
  • Among these practices, the preservation of positive attitudes is probably the most important. As mentioned by Neil Pasrich in his book.

    “Happiness is a 10% circumstance and 90% relation.”

    As you will decide to see what is going on with you, plays a huge role in determining how happy you are and how successfully you will move forward ..

    See the beginning of college as.

    It’s like playing.Two more qualities will be indispensable for your journey-

    “The only true wisdom is to know that you don’t know anything.”

    Of course, all these old philosophers liked to make their most at the most extreme when they cut the wine and compare the beards …

    And yet, wise to realize that there are a lot of things you don’t know, and humility comes to accept help from those who know you’re not …

    Fortunately, there are people in college who invest in your success. Your university may include, among other things:.

  • Science center of success.
  • Career development consultants.Mental health specialists.
  • The professors are happy to help.
  • Assistant teachers.In addition, if you live in the dormitories.
  • I was a RA for one semester during my junior year, so I know how many training sessions that took place in Armenia to get ready to help 40 to 60 students in the hostel room. We had to learn about all aspects of the university that were relevant to the students, and if we had no answer to the question, at least we had a huge binder in each of our dormitories that would point to who did …

    And finally, it’s a good idea to just prepare for a college thing in advance. When I was in high school, I did it in a number of ways. For one, I toured the State University in Iowa a year earlier, and I was sure I asked a lot of questions when I was there. I also spoke a lot with my school guidance counselor, who helped me in many things, including the resource reference for.

    Besides, I went to my local library and read everything they had on the shelf. It was.Before I read all these books, one of my friends and I decided that we were going to miss the residence at the dormitories during our first year. Our plan was to rent an apartment on campus, which sounded great, because it would allow us to buy our own products and give us a lot more room for accessories and Guitar Hero’s accessories, as well as things ..

    However, one of the books I have read has advised me to live in the dormitories during my first year. For this, too was a good thing-the book says that living in the dormitories will make the process of making friends much easier, and it will bring me closer to the possibilities on campus …

    By contrast, living in an apartment would have taken me away from returning to campus after school. In addition, people living in apartments are not.

    The book convinced me, and my roommate and I decided to give up the idea of the apartment instead of living in the dormitories.

    They were also incredibly social; we moved to a group of great friends, one of which I still live, and many of which I still communicate with …

    Just as I have enjoyed the residence in the dormitories (and I recommend it, if it is financially viable), I did indeed say this story to encourage you to do the same thing that I have read the time before you are ready …

    You want some advice? Here’s a few things I read:

    Additional recommendations can be found on mine.

    Besides, Martin and I said they’d be ready for college.You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

    I’ll join us, and I’ll send you one too.

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