Course Details

Japanese lesson (Morning)

While studying the basic grammar, the school will also teach the students how to increase the conversation capability.
So the students can practice in afternoon classes or extracurricular activities.

Japanese culture introduction (Afternoon)

Traditional Japanese culture will be introduced compactly in the lessons, so it is easy for students to get the points in a short period of time.
Kimonos, tea ceremony, flower arrangement and Japanese traditional cuisine will not be only experienced,
but the modern subculture of Japan will also be introduced.

Extracurricular activities.

The school will not only arrange the visiting or sightseeing of Disneyland, Asakusa or Akihabara,
but also prepare many programs which need to use Japanese.

Other extracurricular activities

Various programs have been prepared for short-term course students.
Example: Shukutoku Univeristy visiting, local community activities, little Edo(Kawagoe City) walking,
Life Safety Learning Center tour, Tokyo National Museum, Mitaka Ghibli Museum visiting.

Yamanakako lake short-trip

Having fun in Fujikyu Highland, Mount Fuji sightseeing, enjoy the famous Hakone hot spring,
stay one night in a resort facility near Yamanakako lake. Many night events is also arranged.

Off-Campus Trip

Homestay visiting with Japanese

Visiting the ordinary Japanese home, and spending time with Japanese family.
It will be a good opportunity to experience the truth of the Japanese home.
Two-week short term course will provide the practice opportunity for the students to use Japanese which has been learned.