Education Features

Designated by Japan Ministry of Education: University preparatory school

In order to enter university in Japan, there is one of the conditions
    that the student should get 12 years of school education.

Shukutoku is University Preparatory School designated by Japan Ministry of Education,
    even if only got 11 years education graduated from high school, plus 1 year education in Shukutoku,
    the admission to a Japanese university will be obtained.

University preparatory school with full-hours curriculum, small classorganized according to ability.

Annual class time is 1260 hours.

Learning efficiency and ablity improvement to be prompted by distinctive curriculum.

Emphasized education in Japanese learning skills training and EJU preparation.

Besides Japanese learning, basic education like mathematics, physics, chemistry, English lessons,
    comprehensive courses etc. is also set.

Proper examination guidance and thorough enrollment guidance.

Excellent education team teaches students to get high learning ability and high scores in every year of
    the EJU and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Selectable courses in accordance with the enrollment goal.

Had good results which almost all the students who wanted to continue their advanced education passed
    the entrance examinations of national/public university or leading/famous private universities.


Have fully equipped student dormitory and a number of scholarships, let students live securely
    and safely and can focus on study.

Focus on communication with Japanese, have various activities such as home-stay, volunteer activity,
    conversation class with Japanese.