Message from the president

Riei Zenidaka

  Incorporated educational institution Daijo Shukutoku Gakuen is a general educational institution with a 130-year-old history. It has 13 schools from kindergarten to graduate school. Shukutoku Japanese Language School is one of them, located in Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, which can accesse to Ikebukuro-the subcenter of Tokyo by train in 12 minutes.

  Shukutoku Japanese Language School was founded in April 1983, it is a university preparatory school which is specified by Japan Ministry of Education, it is also a full-day Japanese language school for the students who aim to go to Japanese leading universities. The main graduate admissions are national/public universities and the best private universities, the enrollment rate of these universities is more than 50%.

  In the rapid development of international society, a more competitive era, it needs compound talents that haveprofessional knowledge and broad education. Faced with this demand, you will be how to temper yourself? With a live buddy, good instructors, good Japanese language school ethos of Shukutoku waiting you in the future idealistic students.

  Shukutoku Japanese language school to be developed for university education “prepare for education” the school has been required to increase substantially the number of enrollment, all aspects of school are getting high quality, first-class university graduate studies in Japan rates updated every year . Very satisfied with our emphasis on teaching methods so that students bring into full play the enthusiasm of the students to learn and strive to improve the level of each student in Japanese, but also the implementation of liters of basic subjects required for university education. Japanese language school is the first step to students studying in Japan, the school conducted a thorough guide for students, for that the student have a independent and happy life when they study abroad.

  Students, for the future, welcome to Shukutoku Japanese language school to pursue your dreams!

A general educational institution provided a consistent education
from kindergarten to graduate school ―Daijo Shukutoku Gakue