Dormitory Information

  We are welcome all the students to the Shukutoku Japanese Language School who are just away from your families in various countries.

  We are the chiefs of Shukutoku International Dormitory -- Kyoji Ogawa and Shigeko Ogawa, who are living with the students in the dormitory. We are your “parents” in Japan, and helping the students get a better living environment during the Japanese studying period in hardware and software is our job.

  In hardware, we will solve any trouble of the dormitory building or the room for the students. For example, if the air condition does not run or the light is broken, we will ask the profession to repair it as soon as possible to avoid affecting everyone’s life. In software, we will take care of you if anyone is sick, injured or have any other trouble. Any time even in midnight, if you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help at any time.

  There is one more important thing during the Japanese learning. It is not limited to the Japanese learning, but related to all the language learning, there is always a background in language learning. Especially for "kanji" which is unlike English, but has been used in Chinese and Japanese. English word is a collection of alphabets, but evert Kanji has its meaning. It not understanding the meaning of the Kanji, you will not use Japanese freely. And it is difficult to understand the meaning of Kanji if you do not know Japanese culture, lifestyle and customs at the same time. Although there is only one-year or one year and half for the living at Shukutoku International Dormitory, we are very willing to help everyone learn together. Finally we hope everyone is able to live independently in Japan when leaving the dormitory.

  Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  From Chief Ogawa

Shukutoku International Dormitory is a quite new four-storied building.
It is only 3-minute walk from the dormitory to the school.
It has all the necessary living facilities so it is very convenient for living.
It is available for total 110 students in the dormitory.
The chiefs is living on the first floor, who are providing services all the day.

Dormitory fee: JPY34,000/month/person(for two person room)
Deposit: JPY50,000/person
Entrance fee: JPY70,000 /person
Internet access: Free
Electricity charge: Pay every month based on actual use amount according to electricity meter
Water Usage Charge: Pay every month based on actual use amount according to water meter
Dormitory facility: Kitchen, IH heater, refrigerator, toilet room, shower room, air conditioning, internet (Free)

Each floor has a laundry room with washer machine and dryer. (Please ask the school for the the details)

  • Dormitory address

    Shukutoku International Dormitory
    5-7-12 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0063 Japan

  • Tel: